Rimini Riviera: a look at the land

This is the southernmost part of the region of Romagna, lying between the Adriatic sea and the hills which separate it from the Montefeltro region. Rimini is the chief town in the province, a historic seaside resort and the birthplace of the great cinema director Federico Fellini. The boundaries are the province of Forlì-Cesena to the north, and Le Marche and the Republic of San Marino to the west. The territory offers pleasing vistas of restful scenery in a variety of colours: the deep blue of the sea, the golden line of the beach, the green curves of the hills, and the intense clear blue of the sky against which are silhouetted villages, castles, palaces and monuments. The towns in the area have grown up over the course of centuries, along the coast and in the two principal valleys, those of the River Marecchia and the River Conca. The Marecchia valley, hollowed out between massive rocky hillsides, holds vestiges of one of the earliest Italic civilisations, the Villanovians of Verucchio; the Conca valley is more gentle, although towards Le Marche the landscape becomes more rocky, scored with bare gullies. Both the Marecchia and Conca valleys were ruled by the Malatesta family, who built fortresses and dwelling-places throughout this region bordered by the lands of their historic enemies, the Montefeltro dynasty.

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