Rimini Riviera: a look at the land

This is the southernmost part of the region of Romagna, lying between the Adriatic sea and the hills which separate it from the Montefeltro region. Rimini is the chief town in the province, a historic seaside resort and the birthplace of the great cinema director Federico Fellini. The boundaries are the province of Forlì-Cesena to […]


Rimini Riviera: a land of ancient origins

Rimini Riviera is a land of ancient origins, with a distinguished past which has left rich and precious tokens. A thousand years before the coming of Christ, the Etruscans founded in Verucchio one of the most flourishing centres of Villanovian civilisation. On the coast, the Romans founded Ariminum, marking the end of the Via Flaminia […]


Malatesta Montefeltro Life is sweet in the Rimini hills

The Malatesta Seignory is the name of the historic region which was formed in Mediaeval and Renaissance times in the southern part of Romagna, between the Adriatic sea and the hills of the Montefeltro region ruled by the Dukes of Urbino. During the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries the Malatestas were one of the families which […]


The art and history of Italy is close at hand

Rimini and its Riviera are ideally situated for anyone wishing to explore the towns and villages in central Italy so richly endowed with art and history. Close at hand is San Marino, the world’s oldest Republic, with three hill-top fortresses which shape its distinctive profile, and numerous museums. A few kilometres distant is the fortress […]